Black Designers Matter is a proposed lecture series/interactive workshop with the objective of uplifting designers of black/Afro decent. It was established to create a space for black designers in different mediums to get together and show off work as well as talk to newer designers on what it's like being black/Afro- in the visual creative field.
The main goal was to brand out the conference and any assets that would go with the event for both participants. The brief specified that the mark and main visual elements had to be typographic in nature while also conveying a recent social movement, along with creating posters to properly advertise any needed information for viewers.
Each poster is made to highlight a specific designer and advertise their lecture/workshop to fit their medium. The type was chosen for its more geometric look and rather large and striking cap height. To emphasize the visual movement from the event, certain words were altered to mimic audio longitudinal waves to invoke the action of shouting as if in protest.

Other Work

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